WEMZER Receives Quality Certification In The Middle East Region

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Following the successful launch at Automechanika Dubai 2021, WEMZER INDUSTRIES, a European Aftermarket spare parts brand, received compliance certificates from the renowned specialized Spare Parts Testing laboratories, Motabaqah.

2022 Compliance certified products:

  • Oil Filters applicable on Hyundai and Kia Motors
  • Shock Absorbers applicable on Toyota
  • Radiators applicable on Nissan
  • Control Arms applicable on Toyota
  • Brake Shoes applicable on Nissan
  • Brake Pads applicable on Toyota
  • Ball Joints applicable on Nissan
  • Cabin Air Filters applicable on Toyota
  • Air Filters applicable on Toyota

The robust compliance program was implemented to maintain integrity and ensure our products are in conformity with rules and regulations in a systematic, structured and pro-active manner.

As quality certificates constitute a trust factor between the manufacturer and its stakeholders, completing the spare parts’ inspection demonstrates that our products meet all requirements and corroborate our credibility in new markets.


Our durable spare parts include brake pads and rotors, clutch, filters, pumps, radiators, suspension parts, shock absorbers and rubber parts. WEMZER offers a line of products for Japanese, Korean, American and European vehicle models.


WEMZER INDUSTRIES, a European Aftermarket spare parts manufacturer, was first introduced to the middle east automotive industry professionals in Automechanika Dubai 2021 which is the Leading Trade Fair for the Automotive Service Industry in the MENA region.

With 10,000 SKUs, WEMZER’s trade show presence enabled the manufacturer to make ground in the MENA Market with unwavering steps, high-quality standards, fully compatible and sustainable products.


WEMZER is an automotive parts supplier specialized in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of durable spare parts for Japanese, Korean, American, commercial and passenger vehicles.

Our continuously growing product line-up ranges from Filters, brake, suspension, rubber, to water cooling parts.

Designed and engineered to the highest standards, our spare parts ensure your vehicle is kept in the best working conditions.

We manufacture an extensive range of durable spare parts designed and tested by our quality control experts, our parts are immediate OEM replacements. As part of our safety and quality commitment, WEMZER warrants its product to be free from any workmanship or material flaws under normal use and conditions. As such, any products exhibiting manufacturing defects within the time periods outlined in our warranty agreement will be immediately replaced.