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On Wednesday, July 27th, WEMZER INDUSTRIES, a well-known Romanian Auto Parts manufacturer, conducted a business conference in Dhaka, Bangladesh before exhibiting a selection of after-sales components.

WEMZER currently sells automotive parts manufactured in Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, and Indonesia for Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, and Kia.

Dhaka’s automotive parts importers, dealers, buyers, and sellers attended the event.

Mr. Amin Zaman, Managing Director of WEMZER INDUSTRIES, exchanged information on local market experience, client desires, market trends, among other topics discussed.

Many of the participants expressed their strong interest in the parts presented by WEMZER, as well as curiosity in and satisfaction with the product quality. WEMZER executives informed the companies of their plans to launch operations WEMZER products in Bangladesh and outlined the company’s capabilities to support their partners and industry stakeholders in the market.

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Written by Shanu
NewsG 24,