Fuel Pumps


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– Pump Housing: Aluminum, High-Strength Steel, or High-strength Plastic (depending on OE specs).
– Pump Rotor/Impeller: Stainless Steel for durability and weight savings.
– Bearings: High-grade Steel for durability and low friction.
– Pump Shaft: Hardened Steel or Stainless Steel (depending on OE specs) for strength and corrosion resistance.
– Seals and Gaskets: Fluoroelastomer for chemicals (oil, fuels, coolants) and high temperatures resistance.
– Electrical Components: Copper (wiring), Plastic/Epoxy (insulation).
– Filter: Synthetic Fiber for efficient filtration.
– Valves: Stainless Steel for strength and durability.



Our high-performance Fuel Pumps are engineered to deliver consistent fuel pressure and flow, featuring durable construction and advanced technology to ensure optimal engine performance.
– Durability/Endurance: robust construction to maintain shape and integrity under high pressures and extreme temperatures.
– High Efficiency: optimized for efficient fuel delivery to enhance engine performance and low power consumption for better overall vehicle efficiency.
– Noise Reduction: designed for quiet operation with minimal noise and vibration.
– Corrosion Resistance: the pumps materials and coatings are resistant to corrosion from fuel and ethanol blends.