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CERAMIC => Friction Materials: Ceramic fibers, bonding agents, and other nonferrous fillers.
LOW-METALLIC (WEMZER Go) => Friction Materials: mix of steel fibers, organic materials and fillers.

– Backing Plate: Stamped Steel for strength.
– Shims and Insulators: made from various materials like Rubber, Metal, or Composite Layers (depending on OE specs) to reduce noise and vibration.
– Adhesive (Bonding Agent): Phenolic Resin suitable for high-temperature conditions experienced in brake systems.



Our premium Ceramic brake Pads offer quiet operation, cleaner wheels, and extended pad life:
– Positive Mold Technology: increased friction material density. Less brake dust and improved durability.
– Very Low Noise: mainly due to the absence of metals and the inclusion of noise dampening compounds.
– Multi-Layer Shim: innovative shim material for reduced noise and vibration. Consistent pedal feel.
– OE Fitment and Form: trouble-free installation. The perfect brake job made easy.

Our Low-Metallic Brake Pads offer very good balance between performance, noise, and dust:
– Very good braking performance across a wide range of temperatures.
– Lower noise level compared to standard metallic pads.
– Moderate dust levels.